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Your Channel, My Concern

I'll do all the required backend work related to uploading every video, you just sit back and see the results appear!


I have been editing YouTube videos for over 7 years. Edited 1000+ Videos!

Proven results

Every single YouTube channel I started working with grew immediately!

Uploading videos

Setup Tags, Ads, Cards, End screens...? I do everything, and I do it well.


Primary goal: Help you convert YouTube viewers into Stream viewers.


I know everything about ranking videos and get them recommended by the algorithm!


I answer fast and I'm available at almost any time. Never failed a schedule!


I work with huge Streamers, I know how to run a big YouTube Channel.


I will make sure your channel is generating the most revenue possible!

My Intro

About Me

I started doing YouTube videos over 7 years ago, I know everything that is needed to make a YouTube Channel succeed. I used to make Twitch Highlight compilations until I decided to work as an Editor for Streamers and the results have been fantastic!

  • Name: Fabio aka Ozzny
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @Ozzny09
  • Instagram: @fabiorb09
  • Discord: Ozzny#4435
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